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Mutts on meds

Opinion piece on veterinary psychopharmacology By Laure-Anne Visele, November 2014 Facile use: Just pop him a chill pill I am staunchly against the willy-nilly use of medication. But when the problems are so serious that the dog is suffering, or just can’t learn anything – including behavioural therapy – it’s time to do something. Let’s be crystal clear here: […]

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Latest dog book review: Veterinary psychopharmacology

Dog book review announcement: Veterinary psychopharmacology By Laure-Anne Visele, November 2014 Veterinary psychopharmacology Veterinary psychopharmacology is a 2006 text book on using medication to treat pervasive behavioural disorders in the cat, parrot, horse and dog. The topic is controversial and you may be a staunch psychopharma opponent, but reading the book will ensure you bring informed arguments to the […]

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