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The dog crate: cruel cage or comfy den

Recommendations on how to get your dog used to a crate By Laure-Anne Viselé, Feb 2012 Caging a dog? Over the past few years, the crate has become all the rage in dog training circles. It’s graduated from controversial to mainstream, even in the humane, positive dog training crowds. The idea is two-pronged: It takes […]

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Dog training school: what not to do to your customers

Article about my attempts at finding a dog training school in the Netherlands By Laure-Anne Viselé, January 2011 March 2013 update: Putting our money where our mouth is So, after years of preparation, we are finally opening up our own dog training school! Read more to find out about OhMyDog! Dog training school (The Hague). […]

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Canine First Aid homework

Recommendation for canine first aid homework By Laure-Anne Viselé, Certified Canine First Aider, January 2011 I am finally putting the finishing touches on my canine first aid assignment. Upon submission, it will give me my long-awaited second canine first aid qualification. Canis procrastinatus I guess I should stop procrastinating and actually work on the assignment, […]

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My dog chewed broken glass!

Blog post about incident with dog chewing broken glass By Laure-Anne Viselé, Certified Canine First Aider, January 2011 We had ourselves  a huge scare last night: our dog, Roger, chewed through my Bailey’s shot-glass. Friday night Baileys There I was, decompressing after a hard week’s work. I figured I’d have a shot of Bailey’s watching our current […]

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I hate leaving my dog in a pension!

Christmas, every year the same nightmare Finally I have my dog back from the pension. We stayed at my in-laws for a few days, and my mother in-law hates dogs. Our friends can never look after him over Christmas, as they are either away or working, and I do not want to leave him home […]

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Getting your dog through Dutch New Years’ Eve

New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands If you live in the Netherlands and have a pet, you’ll know about the nightmare that is Dutch New Year’s Eve. And it’s not just one night, but it drags on for days before and after the big night. In the Netherlands, fireworks are only allowed one week a year, […]

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My dog has swallowed poison, what now?

First aid instructions for poisoned dog By Laure-Anne Viselé, certified canine first aider, December 2010 Proof-read and edited by a veterinarian working for a poison centre First aid for dog poisoning This article gives you the generic first aid steps in case your dog has swallowed poison. Step 1/ Induce vomiting Most important of all: remain […]

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Jogging with your dog: He doesn’t feel like it?

Article about jogging with your dog in the Netherlands By Laure-Anne Viselé, November 2010 As a dog writer, I have a bit of a professional deformation: I see dog diseases everywhere. So I indulged in my Munchausen’s by proxy again (seeing diseases in someone else). This time, it was for lumps on my dog’s rump. Completely […]

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Blimey, my dog’s barmy

Interview with English dog behaviourist Nick Jones By Laure-Anne Viselé, November 2010 This interview is part of my Dog Professionals Hall of fame, showcasing the dog professions in all their glory. Nick Jones: dog behaviourist Nick Jones is a well-established canine behaviourist. He is based in the UK. Should you ever get to speak to Nick, […]

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Stop your dog from scavenging while out walking

Article about training dogs to stop scavenging By Laure-Anne Viselé, December 2010 I have just read the most chilling news: 22 dogs have just been picked up by ambulance for acute poisoning in Utrecht (the Netherlands). Someone sprinkled bags full of yummy treats laced with poison. I am so disgusted. As many walks in my immediate neighbourhood are frequently […]

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