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Why you shouldn’t lie on an aggression screening form for a dog training school

Blog post by dog behaviourist Laure-Anne Visele, The Hague: on lying about your dog’s aggression to get it into a dog training school Written in: September 2018. Privacy: Identifying details may have been changed to prevent the owners from being recognized. Illustration credits: See end of the post About the author: certified dog trainer in […]

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Teenage girl takes on force-based trainers

Interview with Youtube prodigy Lucy Irvine By Laure-Anne Visele: Interview date Nov 2013. Release date Mar 2014. About the author I am a dog trainer, freelance writer and behaviour therapist. I graduated in Zoology, certified in dog training, then specialized in dog behaviour problems. I co-founded OhMyDog! (dog training school in The Hague) and in […]

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New photoshoot at the Ockenburgh

We went on another dog safari at the Ockenburg park in The Hague (29 and 30 Dec 2013.) We were hoping to capture classic poses for our body language presentation for the dog training school (OhMyDog!.) As usual, we got distracted and ended up just being caught up in the dogs’ charming antics, totally forgetting […]

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New dog training school in The Hague

Announcement: science-based, fun-packed and force-free dog training school opens in The Hague By Laure-Anne Visele, written Mar 2013. About the author: certified dog trainer in The Hague I am the co-founder and head trainer at OhMyDog! (dog training school in The Hague). I also own Canis bonus, a behaviour therapy  practice where I give individual guidance to dogs with […]

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We only use positive methods, shame our students don’t

Blog post about attending positive dog training school allowing aversive dog training methods By Laure-Anne Viselé, March 2011 The lost art of keeping your mouth shut It’s tough attending a training class when you are shocked by the practices of your fellow students. But I am not the instructor in that class, so it’s not […]

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Dog training school: what not to do to your customers

Article about my attempts at finding a dog training school in the Netherlands By Laure-Anne Viselé, January 2011 March 2013 update: Putting our money where our mouth is So, after years of preparation, we are finally opening up our own dog training school! Read more to find out about OhMyDog! Dog training school (The Hague). […]

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