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When pigs fly! Training success with impossible dogs

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2007 SUMMARY: Force-free training manual for hyper excited dogs. AUDIENCE: Written for dedicated owners of hyper dogs. REVIEW:  Author: Jane Killion is a big name in dog training. Her seminars sell out the world over. Her main angle is prompt-free and lure-free training. She likes to ‘capture the dog’ in the act of doing […]

Author: Killion Jane
Genre: owner manual
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En toch is het een lieve hond! (And still it’s a good dog)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2013 (posthumously for Rudy de Meester) SUMMARY: Interviews with owners of dogs with serious behaviour problems. Collaborative work by a vet behaviourist and a historian. AUDIENCE: If you speak Dutch and have a dog with issues, this one’s for you. And it should be compulsory reading for anyone involved in helping owners with their dog’s behaviour. […]

Author: de Meester Rudy, Hattinga van ‘t Sant Elian
Genre: interviews
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PUBLISHING YEAR: 2012 SUMMARY: An informal comparison of the medical problems of animals and humans. Written by a human cardiologist and psychiatrist in layman’s terms. Main focus on behavioural and psychiatric issues. AUDIENCE: It won’t hurt the intellectually curious dog owner, but canine behaviourists will likely get the most out of it. REVIEW Author: You’d be forgiven […]

Author: Bowers Kathryn, Natterson Horowitz Barbara
Genre: pop science
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Veterinary notes for dog owners

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1990 SUMMARY: Notes from veterinarians on a wide variety of contemporary dog issues. AUDIENCE: Despite the title, it would take the world’s most dedicated owner to plough through this book cover to cover. I have mainly been using it as a reference when writing essays on specialist subjects in non-University programmes, where it […]

Author: Turner Trevor
Genre: owner manual
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Training the city dog

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2009 SUMMARY: Exhaustive training and management tips for owners of city dogs AUDIENCE: This book can be a precious help to first-time city dog owners, or if you are moving your rural/suburban dog to the city. REVIEW: “Training the city dog” is an unpretentious, simple, easy, non-technical read. And we need those once in a while. […]

Author: Kane Katherine
Genre: owner manual
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Think dog

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1995 SUMMARY: Sample behaviour therapy cases with the author’s diagnoses and proposed treatments. AUDIENCE: Written for an audience of dog owners, but the book is unfortunately showing its age. This has shifted the audience from dog owners to professionals who are curious about that unmissable dog training figure. REVIEW: Given that the book was […]

Author: Fisher John
Genre: historical interest, owner manual, professional manual
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Things your dog doesn’t want you to know

AUTHORS: Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson (art director Dean Stefanides) PUBLISHING YEAR: 2012 SUMMARY: Witty comments on dog behaviour and our dramatic attitudes to them. AUDIENCE: A beautifully designed, witty, cheeky little book about dog’s quirks for pretty much everybody. A coffee table book if there ever was one. Don’t pick this one up hoping […]

Author: Conrad Hy, Johnson Jeff
Genre: comedy
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Playtime for your dog – Keep him busy throughout the day

AUTHOR:  Christina Sondermann PUBLISHING YEAR: 2006 SUMMARY: Suggested interactive games and game material to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated AUDIENCE: Pick this one up if you’re after a pleasantly illustrated (a rare boon in this type of books) book on tricks/games to play with your dog on a rainy day. Professional trainers and […]

Author: Sondermann Christina
Genre: owner manual
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Other End of the Leash (the)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2003 SUMMARY: Autobiographical account of the author’s life as a behaviourist AUDIENCE: A peak for owners who are curious about the life behind the scenes of the life of a specialist trainer/behaviourist. For specialist trainers, a nice “Am not the only one” read with charming anecdote after charming anecdote. REVIEW: Very enjoyable read. Autobiographical […]

Author: McConnell Patricia B
Genre: autobiography
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On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2005 SUMMARY: Observations on stress-indicating and appeasement body language in dogs by Turid Rugaas AUDIENCE: For owners, it’ll be a real eye opener if you’re not all that familiar with canine body language. For professionals, it’s a milestone of a book in the field, and you don’t want to get caught not having […]

Author: Rugaas Turid
Genre: owner manual
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