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Minding your dog business

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2010 SUMMARY: Tips and tricks for making your dog business sustainable. AUDIENCE: Dog professionals like dog trainers, sitters, walkers and behaviourists who have had their dog business for a while and want to fix it to make it sustainable (financially, and workload-wise). REVIEW The authors Rikke Jorgensen is a communications expert and business […]

Author: Boutelle Veronica, Jorgensen Rikke
Genre: professional manual
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Dog Food Logic

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2014 SUMMARY: Review of the relevant scientific research and industry facts about dog food. AUDIENCE: This book is accessible to science-curious owners – you don’t need a degree in biochemistry to follow it. And it should be compulsory reading for any dog professional before they venture an opinion about owners’ food choices. Author Linda Case, […]

Author: Case Linda P
Genre: pop science
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PUBLISHING YEAR: 2013 SUMMARY: A behind-the-scenes look at the life of Chaser, the dog with the world’s largest vocabulary of understanding human words. AUDIENCE: Smooth like honey. Everyone will enjoy reading this: any jargon is explained in a conversational way and the rest is pure charm. REVIEW  The author: John Pilley is a retired and, by the […]

Author: Pilley John W.
Genre: autobiography
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Dogs bite: but balloons and slippers are more dangerous

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2005 SUMMARY: A scathing look at scare-mongering and ill-researched statistical claims about dog bites. AUDIENCE: The book, with its informal and entertaining style, was written to help the layman assess bite risk rationally. Every dog professional should read it too, though. REVIEW  The author: Janis Bradley’s academic background (Philosophy and English) didn’t predispose her to write about epidemiology, […]

Author: Bradley Janis
Genre: pop science
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Possibility dogs

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2014 SUMMARY:  In Possibility Dogs, Susannah Charleson sets out to find out all about he world of service dogs, with a focus on psych dogs. She also talks of her project for recruiting shelter dogs for the task. AUDIENCE: Most every one, from psych dog professionals or handlers to the wide public wanting to hear about psych dogs from […]

Author: Charleson Susannah
Genre: interviews
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Veterinary psychopharmacology

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2006 SUMMARY: Textbook of psychotropic pharmacological compounds and their use in clinical practice, as well as their pharmacokinetics, costs, adverse effects, etc. AUDIENCE: GP vets who want to refine their pharmacological approach to pervasive behavioural complaints. REVIEW  Hold on to your horses there, as I am not going to hold back on jargon in this one. The authors: […]

Author: Crowell-Davis Sharon, Murray Thomas
Genre: academic textbook
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* Dog Trainer’s Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet (the)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2011 SUMMARY: Based on a podcast series, the book gives science-based, powerful, and force-free tips on how to raise a polite and well-adjusted dog. AUDIENCE: Although pet owners are the target audience, professionals will find themselves recycling her analogies and explanations when talking to clients. REVIEW: One thing kept going through my mind […]

Author: Benal Jolanta
Genre: owner manual, pop science
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Fired up, Frantic and Freaked Out

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2013 SUMMARY: The ins-and-outs of teaching a solid settle to serial canine over-reacters. AUDIENCE: The author primarily wrote this book for owners, but the protocols may be too demanding for that readership without the encouragement of a professional. REVIEW:  In a nutshell: Another book in the recent trend of reducing prompting, and letting the dog […]

Author: VanArendonk Baugh Laura
Genre: owner manual
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Encyclopedia of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2010 SUMMARY: A giant encyclopaedia of animal behaviour. And I mean ‘giant.’ AUDIENCE: Academics in search of close-to-standard, accepted definitions of animal behaviour concepts. REVIEW: 1000+ pages of essays and definitions by an army of the most respected researchers in animal behaviour. This unmissable encyclopaedia is now used in many universities as the […]

Author: Daniel Mills
Genre: dictionary
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So you want to be a dog trainer

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2001 SUMMARY: Tactical and operational guide to launching your own dog training business. AUDIENCE: Wannabe dog trainers or established dog trainers after some fresh ideas on marketing, class curriculum, etc. REVIEW: A must-read. This book delivers exactly what it says on the cover: a comprehensive, detailed guide on how to set up shop as […]

Author: Wilde Nicole
Genre: professional manual
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