Courses and Qualifications Links

Universities and research centres

Certification and accreditation institutes

On-line courses

  • Animal Care College – Specialist pet-related qualifications in psychology, training, first aid, bereavement counselling, and more
  • Cambridge Ethology Institute – Masters equivalents distance-learning in animal behaviour. Possibility to specialize in dogs. Led by famous ethologist Roger Abrantes.
  • Compass education and training: On-line courses about anything pet-related, from nutrition to behaviour.
  • Coursera: Countless free mass on-line courses about relevant topics like animal behaviour, pharmacology, canine health or biostatistics
  • E-training for dogsA wide range of high-quality on-line video courses on all things dog-related. Some lead to a certification
  • Institute of Canine Biology – List of on-line courses related to dog genetics. Things like Coursera’s Useful Genetics, Population genetics, Coefficient of inbreeding, etc.

Professional training

  • Joel Dehasse training – Belgium-based vet behaviourist giving intensive trainings in professional behaviour coaching (in French)
  • Martin Gaus Academie – Professional certifications for all things dog-related, from dog walker to assistance dog trainer to behaviour therapist. Strong emphasis on practice. Lecturers are among the most successful animal professionals in the country. Most courses are in-class only (Lelystad).
  • OhMyDog! The  Hague – Ten-week internships for biology or psychology graduates who want to gain practical experience in a training school practicing humane and evidence-based methods. MSc graduates preferred, Bachelors will be considered.
  • O&O (Honden Opvoeding en Opleiding) – Widely recognized dog training instructor qualification. On-site courses and demanding bootcamp-like schedules but widely recognized throughout The Netherlands. Have recently abandoned dominance-based teaching. In Dutch.
Last updated December 2014