Care Information Links

General Dog Care Information

  • Dawg BusinessVoted one of the best dog blogs around
  • Dog Training San Diego – Well-researched and readable care advice from food to house-breaking
  • Dogster – Thorough information and forum over a wide range of dog-related subjects, including nutrition, training, etc.
  • Leah Robert – Great articles in layman’s terms about do’s and don’ts of dog ownership, and how to tackle common issues
  • Dolittler/Dogtime – Fact-based blog entries about everything dog related by a veterinary surgeon
  • Will my dog hate me – Blog about everyday care issues by published author Edie Jarolim

First aid


As defined by the Treetops first aid course, poison is “Any liquid/solid/gas that is harmful when introduced to the body”. The links below give you more information about the types of substances that can be poisonous to dogs.


Safe chews – Article by Leah Roberts


Delivering puppies: Video showing signs that the bitch is about to deliver

Signs of pregnancy and care for pregnant bitches:


Caring for newborn puppies:

Allergies to pets

Choosing a low-allergy dog:

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