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Influential professionals


  • Donna Hill – Influential dog trainer and Youtube video broadcaster on dog training. The protocols in Donna’s videos are used by canine behaviour experts the world over.
  • E’Lise Christensen (US) – NYC’s only Veterinary Behaviourist and regular guest speaker on pet behaviour.
  • Emily Larlharm (US): Worldwide speaker, TV guest and producer of some of Youtube’s most popular clicker training videos. The catalogue of Emily’s video is seemingly endless. Emily’s videos are my first port of call when I am presented with a new canine behaviour problem.
  • Grisha Stewart (US) – Inventor of BAT behaviour rehabilitation protocol, very influencial author and speaker.
  • James O’Heare – Applied animal behaviourist and founder of CASI (renowned technical certification for applied behaviour analysis). Author of multiple technical books on behaviour analysis for animal behaviour professionals (some of which I review here). Some of the world’s most most successful trainers were trained with CASI.
  • Jean Donaldson (US) – Dog trainer, Applied Behaviorist and author of one of the best selling books in dog training: the Culture Clash.
  • Jolanta Benal (US): Dog trainer and behaviour consultant in NYC, formerly the host of the multiple award-winning podcast The Dog Trainer’s Quick and Dirty Tips and author of one of the best dog training books ever published: The Dog Trainer’s Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet.
  • Ian Dunbar (US/UK) – Vet, dog trainer, PhD in ethology, behaviorist and best-selling author. Considered to be one of the founders of modern dog training.
  • Karen Pryor (US) – Dolphinarium trainer turned best selling author on behaviour modification and clicker training. Worldwide public speaker.
  • Linda Tellington-Jones (US) – Inventor and champion of a very popular animal massage technique.
  • Nicole Wilde (US) – Dog trainer, behaviour therapist and best-selling author of multiple books on the business side of dog training.
  • Patricia McConnell (US) – Author of multiple books on dog training (some of which I reviewed here), PhD in Zoology, and Applied Animal Behaviorist. You can find her on her Blog or Website.
  • Prescott Breeden (US) – Prescott runs his own dog training and behaviour consulting business, writes for The Examiner, is a talented dog photographer and a behavioural neuroscience graduate. But the role in which he has exerted the most influence is his founding of SPARCS in 2012, the world’s largest canine science conference hosting a flurry of the leading scientists in all things canine. Prescott is also exact to a fault when it comes to animal behaviour, and combines an encyclopaedic knowledge with a talent for writing. A rising star in the world of dog behaviour.
  • Roger Abrantes: Ethologist and founder of the Ethology Institute in Cambridge, author of multiple books on canid behaviour, and author of a renowned blog on dog behaviour and training terminology. Uncharacteristically, Roger Abrantes has a finger in both the ethology and the behaviourism pie. He is a controversial figure in his stance on dominance and dogs. A force to be reckoned with and a very influential professional in the field of dog behaviour.
  • Sophia Yin (US),- Board-certified veterinary behaviourist and pioneer in an evidence-based and gentle approach to pet behaviour problems. Sophia passed away in November 2014, and will be greatly missed. Her staff has kept the resources she had shared available to the public.
  • Sue Sternberg (US) – Sue Sternberg is a fascinating character. She is a dog trainer and, most notably, an assessor at dog shelters. She tests the dogs suitability as family pets. She works at the edge of society’s ethical fault line in her rock-and-hard-place job. On the one hand, approving the rehoming of a potentially aggressive dogs in a busy New York family is unthinkable, but deeming the dog unsuitable often implicitly means his or her death. She has been at the receiving end of heated protests as a result of her thankless job. She has invented the assess-a-hand, a fake hand used to test dogs’ degree of food guarding. She has also authored many DVD’s sharing her dog training and testing methods. An inspiring character with a wealth of experience and wisdom to partake on dog behaviour. Check out her stuff.
  • Suzanne Clothier (US) – Author of several dog books and countless articles, dog trainer and behaviourist, and widely sought public speaker. Suzanne has done a lot of work in canine temperament testing.
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