Dog Training Links

Unmissable resources

  • OhMyDog!: Science-based, fun-packed and force-free training school in The Hague. Lessons in Dutch and in English.
  • Dogmantics: – Fabulous (and free) Youtube tutorials
  • Shirley Chong – Professional articles about specific training topics
  • Rabbit Trainer: Peak behind the scenes of a powerful animal training technique: SATS.

Miscellaneous articles

Choosing a dog trainer

Training techniques



  • An introduction to clicker training:


  • Free-shaping with different objects (Honey the Great Dane)

Luring and food rewards


Putting a behaviour on cue

  • Adding a verbal cue (by Dogmantics):



Training specific behaviours

Leave it

  • Leave it (by Dogmantics)

Recall: Teaching the dog to come back when called

  • How to teach a dog to let be caught (by Dogmantics):
  • How to teach a dog its name (by Dogmantics):


  • Lay at your feet at a cafe (by Dogmantics):

Reverse (back up)

  • Teaching a dog to reverse (by Honey the Great Dane)


  • Teaching your dog a bombproof stay (by Dogmantics):

Stop unwanted behaviour

  • How to stop unwanted behavior (by Dogmantics):
  • Watch me:


Useful tricks

  • Draw the curtain session 1 (Honey the Great Dane video)
  • Draw the curtain session 2 (Honey the Great Dane video)
  • K9 Cleaning Team (amazing video: Rhodesian ridgebacks doing lots of house chores)
  • Go to your basket/bed (by Honey the Great Dane)
  • Retrieving an object for you (by Honey the Great Dane)
  • Tidy up (by Honey the Great Dane)

Fun tricks

  • Teaching the dog to bow (by Honey the Great Dane)
  • Teaching a dog to distinguish different shapes
  • Teaching a dog to throw a ball

Training other animals

  • Goldfish fetch hoop
  • Guinea pig and hamster agility
Last updated Dec 2014