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If you’d like professional photography of your pet and are based near Den Haag, check the Canis bonus photography page.

Pet photography’s greatest

Amateur pet photography

Equipment advice

Technical and craft advice

Photography on the net forum: Active and respectful professional forum for all detailed photography questions. If you join, remember, be a good community member and try to give back as much as you take.


  • How to control lighting (by Expert Village)
  • Lighting techniques (by No BS Photo Success)
  • Lighting for portrait photography (by Bowers Photography)

  • Lighting techniques (by Portrait Photography)
  • Background lighting (by Expert Village)
  • How lighting affects colours (by Portrait Photography)
  • Using light for emphasis in a portrait (by Expert Village)
  • Perspective of subject (by Expert Village)

  • How to position light for photography (by Expert Village)
  • How to position a model for photography (by Expert Village)
  • How to shape light (by Expert Village)
  • Strip lighting technique (by I Catching Videos)
  • How light affects Texture (by Expert Village)

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