Dog Behaviour Therapy Links

General Dog Behaviour Therapy

Body language


  • Dear Labby – Etiquette answers for the many diplomatic incidents between pet owners

Specific behaviour problems


Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

  • Scary floor surfaces or stairs (by Dogmantics):
  • Teach shy dogs to like being handled (by Dogmantics)
  • Thunderphobia interview (Eric Geobelbecker as guest trainer)
  • USA Today interview about dogs and fear (Nicole Wilde is the guest trainer)
  • Surprise Party Game – Video on how to treat a dog who lunges and barks at anything and everything (by Pamela Marxsen)


Excitability and impulse control

  • Door manners:

  • Excitement over food (Dogmantics):

  • Gentle tugging (by Dogmantics):

  • Go wild and freeze:

  • How to stop jumping up (by Dogmantics):
  • How to teach your dog not to pull (by Dogmantics):
  • Stop your dog snatching food from you: train them to take food nicely.
  • Nipping: How to stop your puppy from nipping. Another excellent article by Leah Roberts from the Orlando Examiner.


  • Teach your dog to enjoy taking a bath:
  • Nail clipping (by Dogmantics):

Home alone

  • How to teach a dog to love being on its own (by Emily Larlham – Dogmantics)

New pet


Toilet training

Last updated December 2014