Causes, Shout-outs and Controversies Links

Dogma position statement discusses where I stand on the hot button dog behaviour issues.

Animal cruelty

  • Animal-Cruelty Syndrome – NY Times article about psychiatric, social and legal aspects
  • Give animals a voice: Overview of latest RSPCA campaigns and how you can help
  • PETA: People for the  Ethical Treatment of Animals. One of the best-organised animal rights organisation. Fantastic website with latest news and hot issues. Controversial group, but thought-arresting contents.
  • RSPCA’s Youtube homepage

Animals and the law

General animal-related laws

  • The Animal Law Coalition: Complete resource for all animal-related legislation in the US. Also articles about worldwide developments in animal law.
  • Prohond: Interest group for dogs and dog owners in The Hague. Follows planned and effective local dog-related regulations.

Dangerous breeds?

Delta BC Looks to repeal breed-specific laws (by Kc dogblog)

Affordable veterinary care

  • Beyond Breeds: (US, New York, New York) Volunteer-run organization funding affordable veterinary care for sick or injured animals.
  • PDSA: (UK) People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals. Subsidises affordable veterinary care for sick and injured animals of owners who can’t afford the intervention.

Shelter dogs

  • Open Paw: Education project ran by superstar team Gorman/Fletcher/Dunbar promoting education to decrease frequency of pets being abandoned to shelters.
  • Free Kibble: 15 year old Mimi took the web community by storm with a brilliant idea: answer a pet-related quiz question on her site and a shelter pet gets 10 pieces of of kibble. The questions are awesome, and the process really quick. Go on, go answer that question every day.
  • Dogs Trust: The UK’s oldest humane society for dogs welfare
  • Marin Humane Society: California-based animal protection society and shelter network. Extremely active and world-famous for their animal welfare initiatives.
  • 10 reasons to adopt an adult dog
  • Oldies Club – Shelter for people wanting to adopt older dog in the UK.
  • Things to consider before pet adoption, by Jacque Lynn Schultz, C.P.D.T
  • The Shelter Pet Project, US campaign for the promotion of shelter adoption
  • Taichung PAWS Facebook fan page: Project by expats to relieve the plight of Taiwan’s streetdogs

Dog whispering – why being telegenic isn’t a qualification

Dogs and kids: dog bite prevention

  • Dog Bite Prevention for Kids: Very simple, but effective and accurate, article outlining how kids should read dog’s body language and approach dogs to avoid dog bites (as found by Kaitlin, one of Canis bonus’ youngest fans. Great find, Kaitlin!)
  • Blue Dog Project: FAQ on kids and dog bites put together by a great research team.
  • DogGone Safe: Worldwide education initiative to teach kids and parents how to minimize the risk of dog bites by reading the dog’s body language.
  • Canis bonus: Learn to speak dog: Presentation for school kids with pictures about how to approach a dog and how to read its body language. Teachers, contact me for a download.

Dominance: my old pet peeve (pun intended)

Aversive training tools

Breeder-related controversy

  • Pedigree dogs plagued by disease – BBC news article about the proneness of some pedigree breeds to develop specific diseases
  • RSPCA’s Documentary exposing puppy traffickers:

Last updated Dec 2014