Hoek van Holland – Roomse Duin


Navigation system address: 201 Harwichweg, Hoek van Holland. This is the address for the ‘De Hoek’ tennis park. Parking is free. Once you are parked, if the tennis club is to your back, the cycle path should be to your left. Cross it and you shall reach ‘het Roomse Duin’.



Offleash area

It seems that the entire area (except for the graveyard) is offleash.

What is so special about it?

The small park is made out of dune vegetation, including lovely old conifers, the odd pond, and a few grass clearings.

Most of the area is offleash. That is worth its weight in gold nowadays.

Watch out for

The streams are a little on the stagnant side.

Several locals have complained to me about intimidating groups of anti-social teenagers hanging out in the park  at times. I must say I have not had any trouble.

The area is not that big, so you shall quickly have ‘walked it out’ if you intend on making repeat visits.

One corner of the park goes right along the very busy ‘Langeweg’.


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Last updated April 2010