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Animals make us human

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2009 SUMMARY: A real-life-oriented review of the contemporary body of knowledge into animal welfare and cognition, with chapters on dogs, cats, zoo animals and cows among others. AUDIENCE: Very accessible style appropriate for non-specialists as well as pros. Rigorously researched, originally approached and compellingly simplified. That perfect triangle that will make academics, laymen AND trainers love […]

Author: Grandin Temple
Genre: pop science
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PUBLISHING YEAR: 2012 SUMMARY: An informal comparison of the medical problems of animals and humans. Written by a human cardiologist and psychiatrist in layman’s terms. Main focus on behavioural and psychiatric issues. AUDIENCE: It won’t hurt the intellectually curious dog owner, but canine behaviourists will likely get the most out of it. REVIEW Author: You’d be forgiven […]

Author: Bowers Kathryn, Natterson Horowitz Barbara
Genre: pop science
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How the dog became the dog

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2012 SUMMARY: (Non-systematic) review of the various theories behind the dog’s evolution. AUDIENCE: The book fits most comfortably in the science popularization section if you scrap the popularization part. It reads more like a textbook without peer review or citations. Try it if you’re comfortable with quite a bit of evolutionary biology jargon. […]

Author: Derr Mark
Genre: pop science
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* Dog Trainer’s Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet (the)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2011 SUMMARY: Based on a podcast series, the book gives science-based, powerful, and force-free tips on how to raise a polite and well-adjusted dog. AUDIENCE: Although pet owners are the target audience, professionals will find themselves recycling her analogies and explanations when talking to clients. REVIEW: One thing kept going through my mind […]

Author: Benal Jolanta
Genre: owner manual, pop science
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Why dogs drink out of the toilet?

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2007 SUMMARY: List of did-you-know’s about dogs. AUDIENCE: The book is aimed at dog owners (i.e. not specifically for a professional audience), after a sensible answer to their dog’s million and one quirks. REVIEW: I very much enjoyed reading this one, to my great surprise, as I had bought it more as an airport […]

Author: Becker Marty, Spadafori Gina
Genre: pop science
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Truth about dogs (the)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2002 SUMMARY: Witty review of the scientific body of knowledge on the domestic dog. AUDIENCE: A gem of science popularisation, owners who are curious about the scientific body of knowledge about dog’s behaviour, perception, etc. will really enjoy it. Be critical of a couple of controversial points (punishment and pack theory) that are […]

Author: Budiansky Stephen
Genre: pop science
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Selfish Gene (the)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1976 (original), 1989 (my edition) SUMMARY: Brick-sized treatise on the mechanics of genes on population dynamics and trait expression – in (nearly) everyday language. AUDIENCE: A classic must-read if you’re remotely interested in biology –> zoology –> understanding genes AND if you enjoy complex, subtle and far-reaching theoretical speculation into evolutionary dynamics. REVIEW: Richard […]

Author: Dawkins Richard
Genre: pop science
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Oh, Behave!

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2008 SUMMARY: ‘Dear Jean’ letters, with the typically humorous, clear, intelligent answers that Jean Donaldson has such a knack for. AUDIENCE: Dog owners after a hilariously written, but reliable, myth buster about their dog’s common behaviour. REVIEW: The format is somewhat unstructured, which is a little typical for Jean Donaldson. But it actually works […]

Author: Donaldson Jean
Genre: pop science
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Excel-Erated Learning

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1996 SUMMARY: Foundations of learning theory. Including some reference to historic scientific work. AUDIENCE: A must-read to all wannabe behaviourists and for science-curious owners. REVIEW: I very much enjoyed this book. The author’s PhD in animal behaviour gives the text the academic credence. This is not insignificant in the ever so muddled and subjective political […]

Author: Reid Pamela
Genre: pop science
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Emotional lives of animals (the)

  PUBLISHING YEAR: 2008 SUMMARY: Collection of anecdotes and observations supporting the case for “bioanthropomorphism”, i.e. the assertion (which I share) that animals have emotions. This assertion is still disputed by hard-line scientists in the field, given the difficulty in quantifying and verifying emotions. AUDIENCE: Dog owners with an interest in animal welfare, and who […]

Author: Bekoff Marc
Genre: pop science
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