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Elke pup een goede start (A good start for every pup)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2015 SUMMARY: Richly illustrated week-by-week guide on raising a happy, well-behaved and orthopaedically healthy pup. AUDIENCE: This books is aimed at a layman’s audience v but, in my view, will great benefit professional dog trainers in charge of giving puppy classes. The authors Martine Burgers trained as a physiotherapist (for humans) then specialised in veterinary ostheopathy. Sam […]

Author: Burgers Martine, Turner Sam
Genre: owner manual
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No walks no worries

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2014 SUMMARY: Exhaustive manual for helping dogs on restricted exercise. AUDIENCE: Written for the layman, with well-illustrated contents and no jargon. REVIEW  Style and contents:  Short, richly illustrated manual on how to prepare your home and your dog for a period of confinement and restricted exercise. The gems I love that they hired a […]

Author: Ryan Sian, Zulch Helen
Genre: owner manual
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101 Dog Tricks

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2007 SUMMARY: Step-by-step manual for tons of dog tricks. AUDIENCE: Owners, and dog trainers in need of inspiration for their school’s curriculum. REVIEW:  Style and contents:  It does what it says on the tin: 101 dog tricks that are fully illustrated and explained step-by-step, all featuring Kyra Sundance’s gorgeous partner in crime, her […]

Author: Sundance Kyra
Genre: owner manual
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Black box method, the (Black-boxmethode)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2006 SUMMARY: Collection of a Dutch trainer’s thoughts and observations on how to steer dog behaviour. AUDIENCE: Peter Beekman fans or people who want to read the influential Dutch classics on dog training. REVIEW  Author: Peter Beekman enjoys somewhat of a cult following in the Dutch dog training world. He is a trainer and behaviour therapist […]

Author: Beekman Peter
Genre: owner manual
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Do As I Do

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2014 SUMMARY: Step-by-step guide to the Do As I Do training methods to teach your dog new behaviour by demonstrating them yourself. AUDIENCE: It is accessible to the layman, but it will help if you’re familiar with training jargon and are not averse to a spot of cognitive psychology theory.   REVIEW:  I […]

Author: Fugazza Claudia
Genre: owner manual, professional manual
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When pigs fly! Training success with impossible dogs

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2007 SUMMARY: Force-free training manual for hyper excited dogs. AUDIENCE: Written for dedicated owners of hyper dogs. REVIEW:  Author: Jane Killion is a big name in dog training. Her seminars sell out the world over. Her main angle is prompt-free and lure-free training. She likes to ‘capture the dog’ in the act of doing […]

Author: Killion Jane
Genre: owner manual
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* Dog Trainer’s Complete Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Pet (the)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2011 SUMMARY: Based on a podcast series, the book gives science-based, powerful, and force-free tips on how to raise a polite and well-adjusted dog. AUDIENCE: Although pet owners are the target audience, professionals will find themselves recycling her analogies and explanations when talking to clients. REVIEW: One thing kept going through my mind […]

Author: Benal Jolanta
Genre: owner manual, pop science
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Fired up, Frantic and Freaked Out

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2013 SUMMARY: The ins-and-outs of teaching a solid settle to serial canine over-reacters. AUDIENCE: The author primarily wrote this book for owners, but the protocols may be too demanding for that readership without the encouragement of a professional. REVIEW:  In a nutshell: Another book in the recent trend of reducing prompting, and letting the dog […]

Author: VanArendonk Baugh Laura
Genre: owner manual
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Veterinary notes for dog owners

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1990 SUMMARY: Notes from veterinarians on a wide variety of contemporary dog issues. AUDIENCE: Despite the title, it would take the world’s most dedicated owner to plough through this book cover to cover. I have mainly been using it as a reference when writing essays on specialist subjects in non-University programmes, where it […]

Author: Turner Trevor
Genre: owner manual
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Training the city dog

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2009 SUMMARY: Exhaustive training and management tips for owners of city dogs AUDIENCE: This book can be a precious help to first-time city dog owners, or if you are moving your rural/suburban dog to the city. REVIEW: “Training the city dog” is an unpretentious, simple, easy, non-technical read. And we need those once in a while. […]

Author: Kane Katherine
Genre: owner manual
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