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500 years of psychiatry (500 ans de psychiatrie)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2000 SUMMARY: Succinct timeline of important milestones in psychiatry in list form. AUDIENCE: This book is written in French and has not been translated to English. As far as technical language barriers are concerned, jargon is not an issue. It will be an interesting read for anyone interested in framing major psychiatric developments […]

Author: Brenot Philippe
Genre: historical interest
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Dog who loved too much (the)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1996 SUMMARY: Informal collection of case studies by American veterinary behaviourist Nicholas Dodman. AUDIENCE: This book will be most useful to professional animal behaviourists but it is jargon-free so can be understood by all audiences. REVIEW The author Nicholas Dodman is a well-established British-educated/US-based veterinary behaviourist and dog behaviour researcher. Style and contents The book […]

Author: Dodman Nicholas
Genre: case studies, historical interest, pop science, professional manual
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Think dog

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1995 SUMMARY: Sample behaviour therapy cases with the author’s diagnoses and proposed treatments. AUDIENCE: Written for an audience of dog owners, but the book is unfortunately showing its age. This has shifted the audience from dog owners to professionals who are curious about that unmissable dog training figure. REVIEW: Given that the book was […]

Author: Fisher John
Genre: historical interest, owner manual, professional manual
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Man Meets Dog

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1949 SUMMARY: Auto-biographical account of Lorenz’ life with his pet dogs. AUDIENCE: As a specialist (ethologist or specialist trainer), it is quoted in so many specialist texts that you owe it to yourself to check what the fuss is about, if only out of historical interest. As an owner, you won’t find much […]

Author: Lorenz Konrad
Genre: autobiography, historical interest
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