Wateringen – Hofpark


Navigation system address: Hofzicht, Wateringen. Parking is free and I have never had a problem finding a spot, even on a Saturday. You basically park on the side of the street. Once you are parked, look across the street and you shall see the park.


No catering in the park itself, but it is very close to Wateringen centre.

Offleash area

I have not seen the ‘uitloopgebied’ sign, but everyone I ask tells me dogs can run free there.

There is one area which is completely forbidden for dogs: a small football field. You won’t get confused as this is clearly indicated.

What is so special about it?

It is a clean little park with lots of green grass fields, a lovely farm-house turned art gallery, windy gravelled paths, nicely landscaped river, weeping willows and a ‘kinderboerderij’ (i.e. petting zoo) – no dogs allowed in the petting zoo, though.

I really like the ‘dog field’, as it has the odd tree, is really quite big, and has a nice little water pond.

What to look out for

There were reports of a knife attack there in January 2010, but I find it extremely surprising as it is a clean, innocent, small town little park. I guess this goes for all parks, but do not go there at night unaccompanied.

At specific times of the day many of your encounters shall be of the teenage kind (count the number for times you think ‘Get a room’ before your walk is over and you’ll see what I mean…). They can also make nuisance of themselves with their loud mopeds and music at time, but it’s nothing a disapproving look cannot resolve.

The park is really pretty (in my opinion), but rather small, so I am growing a little weary of it.

The dog field seems to be a free for all offleash dogs, including particularly disobedient, rough-playing and downright aggressive dog. If your dog is not Mr Sociable, I should give the dog field a wide berth.

Some shots

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