Naaldwijk – Prinsenbos


Navigation system address: Grote Achterweg 22, Naaldwijk. Free parking, but it gets quite busy on nice week-end Summer days.



Offleash area

Nearly the entire area is offleash with the exception of some little side paths and gardens (on-leash), and the playground (not allowed at all). The rules are very clearly sign-posted as and when.

What is so special about it?

The walking area is not that big (you’ll be done in about 1/2 hour), but the pond is of a reasonable size and has the usual, but still pretty, reed-hedges and other lake-side vegetation and wildlife.

A lot of effort has clearly been invested in the design: it is quaint and interesting. You basically walk on a yellow-gravel/sand path around the lake, and are taken through a variety of mini-gardens like the ‘frog pond’ or the ‘mini dunes’.

Very child-friendly with the odd bright-coloured giant mushroom artifact sprouting here and there, the cartoon-like lettering on the signs and the interactive design of the little gardens (with giant hedges, miniature paths meandering in and out of the main path, etc.).

The dog beach has a gradual incline into the water and is made out of sand. Somewhat of a rarity in the region where ‘dog beaches’ generally denote an abrupt jump into the polluted corner of a canal.

The playground is off-limits for dogs, but definitely worth the detour for your kids. It has a beach setting and is of very respectable size.

They have public toilets that are not constantly locked so you can actually use them!

What to look out for

Not that great to let your dog have a wild romp, as you need to properly follow the paths.

Can get hectic on a hot Summer day.

The poop-scoop bags that are given away there are bizarre. They are made of recycled paper, which is great, but you cannot dislodge them from the distributor without ripping them, and if perchance you get one out intact, it is so big that you cannot fit more than one in your pocket. It has said ‘patent pending’ on the box for as long as I remember, and I don’t want to be mean but I think the inventor should not hold his or her breath… Best bring your own bags.

Some shots

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Last updated April 2010