‘s Gravenzande – Arendsduin beach


Navigation system address: Monsterseweg 129, ‘s Gravenzande. This is the address for a large garden centre (Intratuin). We were told that you can park there pretty much any time, as we got told off for parking where we did (on a private property). Once you are parked, cross the road (i.e. heading in the direction of the sea) and, once you have crossed, head right for a few hundred meters. Once you see the sign for ‘Arendsduin’, just follow that road towards the beach – another few hundred meters – you will eventually reach the beach.


No catering that I know of.

Offleash area

If I understand the sign correctly, between 15 May and 15 September, dogs are not allowed at all before 7pm and after 10am. At times when dogs are allowed, I interpret the sign to mean that they are allowed offleash.

What is so special about it?

It is a beautiful beach, and it doesn’t tend to get as crowded as other beaches in the region. It IS still the randstad, though, so don’t expect a deserted island.

The view on the harbour machinery is stunning if you like an industrial landscape.

Fabulous beach for sunsets.

It is a very clean beach (it even won an award for the cleanest beach in the Netherlands!).

As you leave the pavement on the Monsterseweg and start walking on the road towards the beach, head a left if you fancy a dramatic view on the surrounding greenhouse rootops. I personally find this view of row after row of greenhouses absolutely stunning.

Watch out for

The road to get there is a private road. It seems visitors are tolerated, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

There are no parking facilities, and you have to walk for a mile or so before you reach the beach proper.


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Last updated May 2010