Westland and region

Rules and regulations

In the Westland, you must make sure that, when walking in a public area:

  • your dog always has a collar with clear identification tags on it
  • your dog is on the lead, unless in a specifically indicated area
  • you clean up after your dog

These obligations do not count for disabled people who use their dogs as a service dog.

Fines for non compliance

I could not find information about how much you can get fined for non-compliance to each regulation.


The following page from the municipality website lists the locations where I think you are allowed to let your dog run offleash. At least it lists ‘uitlaatvoorzieningen‘, but does not explain what it means. It also talks of  ‘uitlaatstroken‘ and ‘losloopgebieden‘, but does not say explain what the respective rules are for each of these types of green areas.

I also find the list unclear as it is just a list of street names with no crossing or house number, so have to guess where on the street you are allowed to walk the dog offleash. Bearing all these disclaimers in mind, here is the list:

  • ‘s Gravenzande: Koningin Julianaweg (don’t know where exactly), Steltloper (I think there is a small park there, but I need to check it out)
  • De Lier: Burgemeester Cramerlaan (don’t know where exactly), Chrysant (I think there is a park there), De Hondert Margen (I think there is a park there), Hoofdstraat (don’t know where exactly), Jan Vermeerplein (I think there is a park there), Van Alkemadestraat (don’t know where exactly), Veilingweg (don’t know where exactly), Watermolen (I think there is just a patch of grass along the canal there), Zwetburgh (I think there is a reasonably big field there)
  • Honselersdijk: Buizerdhorst (there might be a small green there, but I need to check it), Burgemeester Hoogenboomstr (there may be a small park there but unsure), Hofwijk, Moddermanplein, Tjalk, Van Heijstlaan,
  • Kwintsheul: Blankvoorn
  • Maasdijk: Prinses Wilhelminastraat, Trompstraat, Van Beuningenstraat
  • Naaldwijk: Anjerlaan, Bachlaan, Bereklauw, Dijkweg, Donnerlaan, Dreeslaan, Druivenstraat, F.V. Valstarplantsoen, Geestweg, Gladiool, Graanveld, Händellaan, Hendrik van Naaldwijkstr, Kraaijesteijn, Magnolia, Mr. Jan Tuningstraat, Oudlaan, Pijle Tuinenweg, Potterslaan, Ravellaan, Schout, Van Tijnplein, Vuurdoorn, Wollegras,
  • Poeldijk: none
  • Ter Heijde (Monster): Karel Doormanweg
  • Wateringen: Dr Schaepmanstraat, Noordweg, Rozemarijn