Navigation system address: Machiel Vrijhoeklaan, 450, Kijkduin (The Hague). That address is actually for the Roompot Holiday Park at the end of the roundabout. You shall park a little before that, on the side of the Machiel Vrijkhoeklaan (there are lots of spots there).  Watch out for the crowds on Summer days: parking areas can get chockers.


As you walk onto the beach, the Parker Beach Club is 50 meters or so to your left. Dogs are definitely welcome on the terrace. I haven’t checked inside.

Offleash area

Day and night, all year. The whole stretch left of beach entrance 2 (i.e. where you have just come in) all the way to beach entrance 9 (i.e. Monster town limits).

What is so special about it?

Well, it’s a huge stretch of beach and its’ allowed for dogs all year round and all day long. Can’t get better than that, really, can it?

Well actually, you can, because as an added bonus, it doesn’t get  quite as packed as the rest of the coast on sunny days. It’s just far enough from the esplanade that the crowds don’t really make it there.

Oh, and the bit of dunes landscape to get there is not half pretty either.

Watch out for

As it is one of the last remaining large off-leash areas in The Hague, there is a large concentration of dogs. If your dog is not that sociable, you’re in for a nightmare as he WILL get sniffed, pawed, and investigated. Guaranteed.


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