Navigation system address: P. D. Fortuynweg 26, Den Haag. This takes you to the address of a football supporter’s club belonging to the football stadium that is located in the park. There are a couple of (I believe free) parking lots right around that address, so you can actually drop the car within the park grounds.


Various  cafeterias, snack bars and luncheries.

Offleash area

According to the park map, dogs can officially only walk offleash in two areas that are quite limited in size. In reality, the locals tell me they haven’t really been in trouble unless they let their dog get in the way of cyclists, in the picnic zones, or close to playgrounds.

Zuiderpark Dog Regulations

What is so special about it?

It is really quite big with lots and lots of different areas.

The landscaping is gorgeous, with a few large bodies of water, fountains, a stunning mix of purple and pink when the trees are in bloom and, to top it all, really beautiful sculptures scattered here and there around the park.

Check out the rosarium and herb garden, if you can leave the dog with someone for a minute.

There are a fair few playgrounds for the kiddos, but of course, those are totally off-limits for dogs.

It has a petting zoo. Well, I haven’t spotted an entrance, so perhaps it’s just more meant for looking than petting, but even through the fence, the deer are quite a sight.

Despite the fact that it gets really busy on a good day, the paths are so numerous and wide and it doesn’t really get irritatingly crowded.

Watch out for

It is the grounds of the football stadium, so I would avoid that park on match day if you’re a fan of quiet walks and, accessorily, of finding a parking spot.

The offleash areas are heaving with the pitbull types. We went on a bank holiday and practically one dog out of three was of the intimidating type. I would actually avoid the ‘hondenspeelplaatsen’ (as offleash areas are called in that park) if I were you.

Bikes can go quite fast on the central asphalt road, but then again there are enough side paths for your dog not to get in anyone’s way.

It can get a little overburdened with left-over rubbish, but it’s not the worst I’ve seen on that count, far from it.


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Last updated May 2010