Westduin Park


Navigation system address: 146 Zandvoortselaan, The Hague. The (free) parking is just across the street from that address. The path to the dunes leaves directly from the parking lot. Parking gets chockers on a good day, though.


Not in the dunes domain itself, but there is lots of catering on the beach.

Offleash restrictions

The whole area is on-leash only, except for the Paddepad and the Kwartellaan dog fields.

What is so special about it?

It is a huge domain.

Some of the views on the hilly, dunes landscape are stunning.

There is a lovely, tiny, excentric  ‘sea museum’ (close to mile pole ‘strandslag’ 5)

There are a couple of very nice panoramic posts.

Watch out for

The paths on the  side of the cycle lanes are made of broken sea shells, so dogs will invariably return to the more comfortable cycle lane.

It feels a little restrictive as, for conservation reasons, you are not allowed to walk off-leash nor to venture off the paths.

The barbed wire protecting the natural dune domain is a little on the unwelcoming side.


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Last updated April 2010