Van Leydenhof


Navigation system address: Monsterseweg 8b, The Hague (same parking as for the Ockenburgh). Once you’re there, follow the path to the left through the grass field towards the woods. Cross the river and, once you are facing the playground up the hill, cross the gated bridge to your left. This is clearly marked ‘Hyacintenbos‘. As you walk into the Hyacintenbos, follow the path to your right. If you keep walking along that path, you shall eventually hit the Van Leydenhof sign.


Chalet Ockenburgh (Monsterseweg, 8b). But there are rumours it is about to close and service oscillates between appalling and outrageous.

Offleash area

On-leash only, and it gets checked quite a lot. Actually, you have to be careful how you get there, as, if you go through the field from the Chalet Ockenburgh, dogs are not allowed at all.

What is so special about it?

Sandy dunes with alternating between clearings and tall trees.  It is pristine and  I challenge you to find as much as a sweet wrapper there. The trees have beautiful, dramatic shapes.

It leads to the Sonneveld natural reserve, which is completely off-limits. You even need a permit to get in.  But if somehow you do get in, it is stunning (bushy dunes landscape as far as the eye can see).

It is rather quiet, so you won’t get bothered by pushy dogs, loud people, etc. and you can truly go there to recharge your batteries.

Watch out for

Dogs are not allowed offleash, so it’s not quite perfect.

It’s not easy to get to, as you have to cross a small part of the Ockenburgh, and the Hyacintenbos to get there. But totally worth it.


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Last updated April 2010