Navigation system address: Poeldijkseweg, 47, The Hague. That address is actually Condor City, which is about 50m to the left of the Uithof car park (where you need to go). Parking is free and I have never had an issue finding a spot, even on sunny week-ends.


Condor City has a bar and restaurant, but I would have to research it.

Offleash area

It is really, really, really confusing to know where you are allowed to walk your dog offleash there, as it is not sign-posted and the rules just keep changing. The only thing you can rely on is a couple of site maps, which you ‘would have studied and remembered by heart if you were really interested in integrating to The Netherlands’, as I was told by a tactful (and logical…) game-keeper. So your best bet is to take picture of the map at the entrance with your digital camera, so you can refer to it during the walk. It’s a lot of ado, but at least you can say to the gamekeeper that you’ve come prepared.

Uithof Dog-Friendly Map

What is so special about it?

I like that it alternates between meadows, marshland, woodland, rivers (well, more like shallow, polluted brooks), grass fields, ponds and hills. Oh, and it has a hedge maze! See if you can find it!

In the summer and spring, they have Galloway cows (buffalo-looking cows) in the pasture, so that is a pretty original sight.

It is also where the The Hague dog shelter (http://www.haagsdierencentrum.nl/) and dog training school (http://www.quiebus.nl/) are if you fancy taking a look.

Watch out for

It is at the back of a couple of high-rises, so you do get the pitbull-that-gets-out-of-the-apartment-once-per-week type, and mountains of barbecue rubbish as soon as fair weather returns.

A lot of the offleash areas are right next to the very busy Lozerlaan, so if your dog does not have an excellent recall, it can be a safety risk.

I have heard that the one site map did not match the other, so that people would get reprimanded by the local agent when they honestly thought they were allowed to walk offleash. My take is that if you stick to whatever map you took a picture of and show good faith, I cannot imagine what game-keeper would fine you.

If your dog is a chaser, keep an eye out for horse-riders. There are lots and lots of them.


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