Segbroek Park


Navigation system address: crossing of Segbroeklaan and Goudenregenstraat. Try to find parking on Goudenregenstraat or one of the surrounding streets. It’s not always easy to find a spot.



Offleash area

You are only allowed with your dog on one of the three paths that cross the park. That is clearly indicated with ‘uitlaatplek’ signs. The rest of the park is strictly off-limits for dogs. I have asked the locals and some said that compliance does gets checked by the police.

What is so special about it?

It is essentially a slow-flowing, shallow river, surrounded by banks of green grass and trees and the odd reed bank. It is of a respectable size. It has some gradual inclines into the water in places, so the dogs can easily get in and out. It has some nice grass clearings, but these are in the no-dog areas. It has some really funky-shaped trees. It’s like being in a giant bonzai garden at times, with some of the conifers crooked in all sorts of weird and dramatic positions.

Watch out for

The majority of the park does not allow dogs. Wherever you look, you will see soulless, modern buildings. It is another one of those mystery places with no name. I call it ‘Segbroek’ because it runs along the Segbroeklaan, but the locals just call it ‘the park’. It is a typical inner city park, with the snogging and smoking teenagers, and that graffitis…


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Last updated April 2010.