Scheveningse Bosjes


Navigation system address: crossing between Duinweg and Hogeweg. Park on the embankment next to the tree line anywhere you can after the crossing. Parking does not tend to be an issue



Offleash area

Nearly the entire .

What is so special about it?

Considering how pretty it is, I cannot believe how quiet it is. I went on a sunny week-end and it was not packed, which is nothing short of a miracle in the Randstand.

It is located in a rather well-to-do and affluent area, so the general design and cleanliness of the streets, facilities and houses, is of above-average standing.

1. North West: Not really worth a visit in my opinion. Thin strand of green between two roads.

2. Plas: Stunning landscape: a path on a steep drop take you to a pond in the valley of U-shaped hill. Possibility for the dogs to access the water easily in places (gradual incline). See if you can spot the England Spiel statue.

3. North East: Pleasant, hilly walk on sandy paths in woodland domain. The area is not that big, but you can definitely more than stretch your legs. Also, there is a dog field there, but when I went, there didn’t seem to be  anyone there.

4. Central: The dog field is situated right behind the Crowne Plaza Promenade. In my opinion, the main attraction of this part of the domain is the dog field (number 5 on the map), where you can sit and chat with other dog owners. I asked the (very friendly) locals and they seemed to be saying that the field could get pleasantly busy with other owners. The said that the pitbull-types do not tend to hang around there.

6. South: I hear it is a really hilly and wide woodland domain. I did not research this in person yet, though.

What to look out for

The various parts of the Scheveningse Bosjes are a little far apart, and you often have to leash up your dog to cross the roads that divide them.

There have been reports of crime in the woods at night a few months’ back, so I was told not to walk there alone at night. Then again I would not walk many places alone at night, so it could just be common sense.

Some shots

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Last updated April 2010.