Navigation system address: Machiel Vrijhoeklaan, 450, Kijkduin (The Hague). That address is actually for the Roompot Holiday Park at the end of the roundabout. You shall park a little before that, on the side of the Machiel Vrijkhoeklaan (there are lots of spots there).  Watch out for the Summer day rush: parking gets chockers then.

To go to the Ockenburgh, follow the Wijndaelertuin path.


Off the top of my head, there is the Haaghse Beek restaurant and party centre, but I’ve never been. It is half-way down the Machiel Vrijhoeklaan, facing the Puinduinen hill.

Offleash area

I have not seen the ‘uitloopgebied’ sign, but every local tells me that they have been walking their dog  offleash for years and never had as much as a remark. It is a nature reserve, so your dog absolutely has to stay on the path.

What is so special about it?

I love the sinewy little paths that climb up the steep hill. Also, the vegetation is typically North Sea, so you really get a feeling of authenticity which makes a nice change from the over-designed park feel.

You get a breathtaking panoramic view of the region if you climb right on top of the hill (warning: there is also a breathtakingly ugly sculpture on the platform).

If you walk at the bottom of the dune, there is a nice little brook.

There is a fabulous sculpture towards one of the entrance to the golf course: bricks and mortar roughly put together to form a giant sphere to the backdrop of the Ockenburgh forest. I really like that piece of art.

It has a water fountain for dogs, which my dog had a great time playing with (next to the funky bricks-and-mortar sculpture, facing the golf club).

It is adjacent to the Ockenburgh and the offleash beach.

What to look out for

According to my map of The Hague, this domain is absolutely off-limits for dogs. So, despite the locals’ reassurance, I was quite vigilant walking there.

The hill is very steep, so I wouldn’t attempt that walk if you are not 100% fit.

Not much in the way of crazy frolicking for the dogs: they have to stay neatly in the paths.

Some shots

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