Paddepad dog field


Navigation system address: crossing between the Savornin Lohmanlaan and the Tortellaan, The Hague.



Offleash area

The entire dog field is an offleash area.

What is so special about it?

It is quite big for a dog field. It leads on to the Westduinse park, which is a lovely area to walk the dog in (but that one is completely on-leash).

What to look out for

It is not the most social of dog fields, and people tend to keep to themselves there.

Whenever I’ve been there, there have been a very high concentration of the bigger dogs there. If you get intimidated by the larger, more boisterous type of dogs, I wouldn’t visit that park.

There seems to be a history between dog owners and non-owners in that field. The dog owners appear to be taking the attitude that, this being one of the last areas where dogs can still run off-leash, so they can do pretty much as they please with no apology, be it jumping on you or bursting children’s footballs. I really am not impressed with the atmosphere of the place.

The field is crossed by… a horse path! Superb thinking there on the part of the town planners… So if your dog is a chaser/biter, you can forget that one.

The field is adjacent to the Lohmanlaan, so you have to take your dog on the leash for the first few meters to avoid it potentially running onto a car.

Some shots

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Last updated April 2010