Navigation system address: Monsterseweg 8b, The Hague.  This actually takes you to the Chalet Ockenburgh, so do not follow your system’s instructions until the end. Just make sure that you get off the (main) Monsterseweg and into the domain, and look for parking there. The further along you park, the closer you are to the woods and the dog field. Once you are there, ask for the dog field.



Chalet Ockenburgh. But I hear it is about to shut down, plus it is the most atrocious service I have ever had in The Netherlands… Repeatedly… And that’s really saying something.

Offleash restrictions

Offleash dogs are tolerated (not officially allowed) in the woods to the right of the road (i.e. in the direction of the funeral parlour). Dogs are not allowed at all (it is sign-posted) to the left of the road.

What is so special about it?

Hilly, woody, meandering rivers, adorned with lush rhododendron bushes, bridges and pond, and far enough away from the busy road. Gorgeous landscape in every season.  If you are feeling social, go to the dog field and you shall meet lots of other dog owners to hang around or a chat while your dog frollicks with theirs.

Watch out for

If your dog is not that sociable, avoid this place at all costs. You cannot walk two minutes without another dog trying to make acquaintance with yours.

Some shots

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