Meer en Bos


Navigation system address: crossing of Hoefbladlaan and Muurbloemweg, Den Haag. Parking is in a residential area, but there were loads of spots. Once you’re there, you can’t miss the woods.

Meer en Bos Google Earth Image


Taverne Meer en Bosch is there in theory, but I did not try it, so to be researched.

Offleash area

According to the map, only one part of the woods is offleash, but I asked the locals and they all seemed convinced that the whole domain was offleash, and they had never had a fine.

What is so special about it?

Well it’s proper woods for starters. None of this thin sapling business, but good old trees, and reasonably densely planted as well.

It has the usual (but charming nonetheless) shallow little rivers and bridges.

The paths are all windy and go in and out of more densely planted area, bringing you closer to nature for a few minutes.

You can walk on several levels, either right next to the brook or above it. I think that nicely breaks the routine.

They have worked some ‘hills’ into the landscape, which is always a winner with me.

Some of the trees have lovely, small, white flowers. Gives it a Japanese feel.

There is a reasonably large body of water, well, pond, really, but it’s nice to look at.

Every dog owner I came across seemed to be quite convivial and chatty. None of that ‘My pitbull is bigger than yours’ atmosphere.

What to look out for

It is not that big of a domain. That is the only bad point I can think of about this place.

Some shots

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