Haagse Bos


Navigation system address: Bezuidenhoudseweg, 277, The Hague. This is an address for a house across the dual carriage way, so make sure you park on the woods side of the Bezuidenhoudseweg. Parking is a nightmare: it is off a very busy road, there are hardly ever any spots, and it’s pay parking.



Offleash area

A great part of the domain is off-leash. This is not always clearly sign-posted, so use this map for reference.

Haagse Bos Dog Rules

What is so special about it?

It is rather a large forest domain, with a lot of the  ‘quality trees’: the old, thick ones.

Lovely ponds with gradual inclines so the dogs can get safely in and out of the water.

You’ll find funky wood sculptures here and there.

Did not spot members of the pitbull crowd.

It’s expat central, so if you miss speaking English with fellow native speakers, that’s the place to go.

Watch out for

There aren’t so many bins, so if your dog leaves you something, you’ll be carrying it for a long time.

There is some tension between cyclists, families and dog people, as we are all fighting for the same resources in places: i.e. a nice corner on the side of the pond, and use of the path.

It can be a NIGHTMARE to get to (traffic-wise) if you are not from The Hague.


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Last updated April 2010