Haaghse Beek


Navigation system address: crossing of Balsemienlaan and De Savornin Lohmanlaan. Head for the Balsemienlaan from there and park as close to the crossing as you can to walk the whole length of the park. It is actually just in between Meer en Bos and Bosjes van Pex.



Offleash area

The whole length is off-leash.

What is so special about it?

It is essentially a path that takes you along the Haaghse Beek river (well, it is more of a small and shallow brook).

There is a gradual incline to the water in places, so it’s easy for the dogs to get in and out of the water.

If you go there when the trees are in bloom, you will get this impression of a Japanese landscape in places, with its white and pink flowery trees.

Watch out for

It is not that special that I would take the car to discover it, but it can make a pleasant digestive walk if you’re ever in the neighbourhood. It gets pretty boring after a couple of times.

It is one of those places that do not seem to have a name. The locals call it ‘the Haaghse Broek’ after the river that crosses it.

The path gets unsafely close to street traffic in a couple of places.

It does not have much in the way of running space for the dog, as it’s basically two paths running either side of the water and that’s it.


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Last updated April 2010.