Navigation system address: crossing between Ruychrocklaan and Louis Gimberglaan, The Hague. It’s on-street (free) parking, but there are always spots, according to the locals. Once you’re there, you can’t miss the woods.


None that I saw from my arrival point, but the Clingendael is huge as I understand it, so I have to research this further.

Offleash area

We walked for one hour, and everywhere we looked we saw ‘losloop’ signs. I am quite sure that many areas of the Clingendael are not allowed for offleash dogs, but we did not walk the whole park.

What is so special about it?

Now that is what I would call proper woods, with lots of trees (not just a clump once in a while), and of a decent size (not just measly little sticks, but proper trunks). The woodlands are interrupted by a grass field clearing once in a while. It is set on a hilly background, for extra beauty. It is by a network of slow-flowing, shallow, wide rivers crossed by quaint bridges. It is at a safe distance from busy traffic (at least the part we walked). The paths looked refreshingly natural, and not over-designed as many landscaped parks in the region can be. We walked there on a Saturday afternoon on a bank holiday week-end, so expected it to be chockers, but there was not that many people. It could be that the weather was changeable that day? I would need to check this again on a really sunny day to test my theory, but I hope I am wrong and it is the one green place in Holland that does not get nuts as soon the sun is out.

Watch out for

I really can’t think of a single disadvantage, inconvenience or risk at the Clingendael. Gorgeous domain all round if you ask me.


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