Bosjes van Pex


Navigation system address: Evert Wytemaweg 5, Den Haag. The parking lot is in the woods. When you are  facing the restaurant (de Wild Hoef) and the horse riding school lot is behind you, turn 90 degrees to the right  and you are headed for the dog field (you shall find it to your right, about 300 m down the path).


There is at least one restaurant there: de Wild Hoef. And that is without counting the bars and cafeterias of the various sports clubs.

Offleash area

It seems you are allowed to walk off-leash through the whole place, for what it’s worth.

What is so special about it?

Not so much, in all honestly. I would not recommend it.

It does have a communal dog field with quite a friendly atmosphere. It is made out of sand, and has a water tap for the dogs.

What to look out for

It is meant to be in a woodland domain, but, what with its restrictive size to start with, and then the gazillion tennis parks, football pitches, and horse riding schools, there are hardly any green bits left.

Many paths are mixed use for bicycles and pedestrians,  so you shall be asked to move over a fair few times.

Really quite a tiny domain, to the point that I want to double-check again to make sure I saw it all.

The ‘paths’ are mostly made of asphalt, so I totally failed to get that nature feeling.

Some shots

I took the nicest shots I could muster out of pride for the photographic craft, but these pix do not reflect the real atmosphere of the place: it is sooner a busy sports centre than woods.

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