Wilhemina Park


Navigation system address: Hazepad, Rijswijk. This road takes you into the domain. The car park is situated a few hundred meters to your left, just off the Hazepad. Parking is free. I have never had an issue finding a spot.



Offleash area

On and off. It is clearly indicated by sign posts, but the map seems to say there is only one area (the sign-posts contradict that). I asked the locals and they said that everybody ignored the ban and that they did not frequently hear of  crackdowns.

What is so special about it?

It is big enough to walk for a couple of hours.

It has a mix of artificial hills, grass fields and woodland.

It has a six really big ponds.

It has a huge playground on the ‘beach’ of one of the ponds, but this is totally off limits to dogs, of course.

It has a panoramic tower up which you can climb and admire the region from up high.

Watch out for

It is within earshot of the A4 motorway and the very busy Prinses Beatrixlaan.

It has a nudist field, believe it or not.


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Last updated April 2010