Overvoorde Park


Navigation system address: Van Vredenburtchweg, 175, Rijswijk. Just park on the side of the street. I have not been on a week-end day, so I do not know how packed it gets, but I have to say I had no trouble finding a spot.


No catering that I have seen, but to research.

Offleash area

Incredibly, the whole land area between Sammersweg, Van Vredenburchweg, Loevesteinlaan and Princes Beatrixlaan appears to be an offleash area.

What is so special about it?

It appears remarkably unpolluted.

It has a lovely (albeit a little flat) landscape, with a wide and shallow river, lush rhododendron bushes, and a couple of grass fields. It also has the most gorgeous gnarly trees. Oh, and I saw LOTS of herons. More than I’d ever seen, and, having lived here for years, that is really saying something. Finally there is a couple of beautiful Dutch-style farmhouses for you to feast your eyes on.

Watch out for

The bins in the ‘losloopgebied’ are few and far between, so you might get caught unawares, having to ‘carry the goods’ for miles. I should advise you to locate the (one) bin in advance.

Also, although car traffic is not allowed, I did come across a fair few cars driving way above the safe limit.


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Last updated April 2010