Rules in Rijswijk

As extracted from the Rijswijk municipality website, April 2010.
  • dogs must be on the leash in the whole of Rijswijk except in areas sign-posted as ‘losloopgebieden’;
  • dogs are not allowed on children’s playgrounds, even on the leash;
  • dogs are not allowed in sandboxes, even on the leash;
  • dogs are not allowed in barbecue, even on the leash;
  • dogs must always have a collar or harness;
  • dogs’ waste must always be directly cleaned up; and
  • the handler must always have the means to clean up the dog’s waste on him/her (poop scoop or bag).

The above rules do not count for service dogs helping a disabled handler/owner.

Fines for non-compliance

  • presence in non-authorised area: 75 euros;
  • failure to clean up waste: 50 euros;
  • walking without leash where not allowed: 50 euros; and
  • no collar: 50 euros.


The map uitlaatkaart rijswijk shows you where you are allowed to walk your dog offleash in Rijswijk.

Last updated April 2010