Wilhemina Park


Navigation system address: Corner of Van der Heim straat and Westplantsoen, Delft. Once you are there, try to find a spot for paid parking (as opposed to a permit-holder’s spot). Not always easy to park.

Dog-Friendly Wilhemina Park Map



Offleash area

In specific locations in the park. I am warned by the locals that it frequently gets checked and that people do get fined.

What is so special about it?

It is a quaint little park. It is landscaped in the typical windy sandy gravel paths, little bridges, white and pink blossomy bushes and weeping willows.

It has a (very little) woody area.

The offleash dog part gives access to the water where the water bank is at a gradual incline, so the water is easily accessible for dogs.

Watch out for

Teenagers, teenagers, teenagers. The park is lousy with them, meaning that you shall be confronted with graffitis, mopeds, cheeky remarks, and public lewdness.

The park is a hangout for the local hoodlums and their intimidating fighting-type dogs. There are frequent reports of dog-dog attacks in that park, and I readily believe it.

Despite a park-wide ban, fast bicycles will repeatedly demand that you veer off the path to let them through.

It is not such a big domain, so you shall quickly have ‘walked it out’.


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Last updated April 2010