Nootdorpse Plassen (Hertenkamp)


Navigation system address: Sportring 10, Delft. This is the address for ‘Midi Jeux de Boules club’. Position yourself so the Midi entrance is to your left and the football pitches to your right and you are headed for the park. Parking is free and I have hardly ever had an issue finding a spot.


Het Rieten Dak is a tea house right along the river.

Offleash area

Between 15 March and 15 July dogs have to be walked on-leash. They can run free the rest of the year.

What is so special about it?

Woodland domain with some lovely water views. Lots of clearings, so ideal for the dogs to go for a romp.

It is rather big, so you can walk for about two hours without revisiting a spot.

It does not tend to get overly polluted with picnic waste, and it is slightly less crowded than the Delftse Hout on a sunny day.

It is not allowed for horseriders, so if your dog is a chaser, you’ll have less chance of a risky encounter.

I love that it’s so stressfree to park there.

It is connected to the Delftse Hout (take the bridge in front of Het Rieten Dak tea house).

Watch out for

As so often happens, bicycles, families and dog walkers do not make for good bed fellows.

It is very close to unsightly greenhouses and a sports complex.

Chance is you will come across the odd pitbull-type, as I more than occasionally do there.


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Last updated May 2010