Delft and Region

Rules and regulations

(last checked from the Delft municipality website in April 2010)

Unless otherwise specified, dogs in Delft must be on the leash and you must clean up their waste except:

  • In ‘renvelden’. You must clean up after your dog in ‘uitlaatstroken’ though;
  • In ‘renvelden’ and ‘uitlaatstroken’: Your dog may run free; and
  • If you are disabled and using your dog as a service dog.

Fines for non-compliance

  • Walking off-leash where not allowed: € 60;
  • Not cleaning up after the dog: € 75; and
  • Presence where dogs not allowed (including children’s play areas): € 75.


The following links take you to the downloadable official maps showing where dogs are allowed in Delft. In reality, the maps are next to unusable because:

  • Street names are few and far between;
  • No explanation of the colour code; and
  • Some obvious green areas like the Delftse Hout and the Nootdorpse Plassen Wandelpark seem to be missing.

Next to the link for each map, I list the recreational areas to be found in the area covered.

Not on the municipal maps: