Veterinary notes for dog owners

Trevor - Veterinary notesPUBLISHING YEAR: 1990

SUMMARY: Notes from veterinarians on a wide variety of contemporary dog issues.

AUDIENCE: Despite the title, it would take the world’s most dedicated owner to plough through this book cover to cover. I have mainly been using it as a reference when writing essays on specialist subjects in non-University programmes, where it enjoys a mythical following .

REVIEW: Despite its age, this book stays surprisingly relevant.

It is interesting in two ways:

  • highly educative if you’re a little behind on your bio-medical knowledge of dogs (e.g. genetics, anatomy, physiology)
  • offers some veterinarians’ perspective on a wide variety of contemporary subjects such as breeding and conformation shows

The book is a little random in its choices of topic (as many such reference books are), but that does not take away any of its value, in my opinion.

A nice, but bulky, read. It will help you approach the dog holistically, by improving your knowledge of the medical aspects of a dog.

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Author: Turner Trevor
Genre: owner manual
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