One on One

Wilde_ one on onePUBLISHING YEAR: 2004

SUMMARY: Help for tough client communication during private training sessions.

AUDIENCE: A real boon for beginning private trainers. Will save you a lot of blunders and arm  you to deal with the common awkward moments in our field.

REVIEW: Wouldn’t you know it, Nicole Wilde has done it again. With her usual vim and common sense, she loads you with suggestions on how to phrase the difficult messages like: “work harder”, “pay me”, or “I wouldn’t work with you for all the money in the world” in a charming way!

I have already started using some of her suggestions and already my business is running a lot smoother. Thanks for saving me some of these repeat communication headaches! Once again, her inner saleswoman has come out to help the rest of us dog trainers. WITH As the added bonus of thorough and attractively laid-out history questionnaires and contracts.

My only bone of contention? The book is so encouraging of aspiring trainers to take the plunge that it downplays at times the importance of a formal specialist education, which I think is an open door to adding more insufficiently informed professionals on a field that is already struggling with professionalisation.

Oh, and, if I am to be really picky, I guess the presentation could be a lot more attractive. This book was published on a budget, and it shows a little in the design. It would be great if she got hand-picked by one of the big publishers, and her books were given the snazzy presentation they deserve.

But, all in all, I loved it. It’s a breezy read (you’ll be done in two days), and it’s packed with effective suggestions that you can apply right away if you give one-on-one training sessions. I highly recommend it.

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Author: Wilde Nicole
Genre: professional manual
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