Oh, Behave!

donaldson - behavePUBLISHING YEAR: 2008

SUMMARY: ‘Dear Jean’ letters, with the typically humorous, clear, intelligent answers that Jean Donaldson has such a knack for.

AUDIENCE: Dog owners after a hilariously written, but reliable, myth buster about their dog’s common behaviour.

REVIEW: The format is somewhat unstructured, which is a little typical for Jean Donaldson. But it actually works in the book’s favour, leaving you wondering what the next letter will cover.

Reading Jean Donaldson’s books is, as ever, an educative experience. This book is no exception. The author effortlessly and breezily approaches technical and scientific subjects. She demonstrates, once again, her clear understanding of the science behind the profession, and does a great job at spreading that knowledge.

I particularly loved her chapter about genetics. Making alleles clear to the common mortal is no mean feat. And she pulled it off!

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Author: Donaldson Jean
Genre: pop science
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