* How to run a dog business

boutelle_how_toPUBLISHING YEAR: 2007

SUMMARY: An invaluable guide to running your own dog business: from operational to strategic advice.

AUDIENCE: Definitely pick this one up it if you want to start your own dog business.

REVIEW: It is jam-packed full of tips, lessons learnt and best practices.

It offers you an exhaustive list of known risks and challenges, and how to manage them, for the usual dog businesses (mainly dog trainer, behaviourist, and walker).

It suggests pricing structures, marketing strategies, sales lines, etc. In other words, she goes through all the predictable pains, decisions and questions, and points you in the right direction.

Veronica Boutelle is clearly a savy entrepreneuress, with the writing skills to boot.

If you’re serious about starting a dog business, save yourself a lot of avoidable headaches and give yourself a chance to succeedread this book.

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Author: Boutelle Veronica
Genre: professional manual
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