* Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training. I to III

Lindsay_handbook_PUBLISHING YEAR: 2000

SUMMARY: Comprehensive review of every possible aspect of dogs. This book is a one-spot scientific tool kit for every aspiring (and established) behaviourist

AUDIENCE: One of the most quoted body of work on dogs and behaviour, both in academic and technical circles. For the scientifically literate specialist trainer or the companion animal applied behaviour student/researcher. Perhaps vets with a lot of time on their hands would also greatly benefit from this one to give them a solid groundings on the body of knowledge on canine behaviour and behaviour problems.

REVIEW: This is a bible for serious dog behaviour therapists. If you haven’t read and understood it, don’t take on a case.

It is by no means an easy read, with three volumes of dry academic text. But it offers an incredibly comprehensive overview of the relevant body of knowledge, from the history of dog training to the physiology of the dog’s brain.

What I love most about it? Its balanced, impartial tone and its broad, yet deep, coverage. If SL has a political agenda, it certainly eludes me. He reports research from the proponents of all views, and clearly separates fact and opinion, showing impressive integrity in the process.

His chapter on punishment should be framed in every training school in the world. It is sober, reasonable and balanced.

Lindsay’s trilogy is years of labour (to read as well as to write!), and is a compulsory read in many behaviourist curricula.

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Author: Lindsay Steven R.
Genre: professional manual, survey of peer-reviewed literature
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