Control Unleashed

AUTHOR: Leslie McDevitt


SUMMARY: Technical manual for running an off-leash training class

AUDIENCE: An invaluable professional manual, but not something you’ll be reading in front of the fire petting Fido’s head with the old glass of Port…

REVIEW: This was a bit of an awkward read, as the style needed a little grooming. The design and photos also gave it the feel of a mom-and-pops job. As an added barrier to reading pleasure, the author also adhered to a structure pattern a little too rigidly, giving it all the creative juice of a lawnmower instructions manual.

That said, it is a very informative, very thorough manual on how to organise offleash classes. I will certainly re-use it if I organise off-leash classes.

It makes some pretty good, tangible, suggestions on the set-up of these classes, and has some real gems in it, like the insightful way in which she approaches dog-dog reactivity: treat the dog for looking at other dogs, instead of looking away.

I wish I could give it more stars, as it has so much potential, but the book just didn’t give me my reading kick. Still, try it. It might be a question of personal taste.

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Author: McDevitt Leslie
Genre: professional manual
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