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Psychology Squared

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2016 SUMMARY: Pocket guide to major concepts in Psychology. AUDIENCE: Entirely jargon-free, it can be read by non-academics no problem. REVIEW The authors Christopher Sterling and Daniel Frings are Psychology lecturers at London South Bank University. Style and contents About 125 pages, each accompanied by an illustration page. You can easily read this […]

Author: Frings Daniel, Sterling Christopher
Genre: pop science
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Animal liberation

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1995 ed. (originally published 1975) SUMMARY: A worrying review of the institutional animal abuses of the food and research industries; and a summary of the ethical arguments for granting animals equal consideration. AUDIENCE: For a book written by an academic, it is remarkably accessible and jargon-free. Any person interaction with animals would do […]

Author: Singer Peter
Genre: pop science
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500 years of psychiatry (500 ans de psychiatrie)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2000 SUMMARY: Succinct timeline of important milestones in psychiatry in list form. AUDIENCE: This book is written in French and has not been translated to English. As far as technical language barriers are concerned, jargon is not an issue. It will be an interesting read for anyone interested in framing major psychiatric developments […]

Author: Brenot Philippe
Genre: historical interest
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Dog who loved too much (the)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 1996 SUMMARY: Informal collection of case studies by American veterinary behaviourist Nicholas Dodman. AUDIENCE: This book will be most useful to professional animal behaviourists but it is jargon-free so can be understood by all audiences. REVIEW The author Nicholas Dodman is a well-established British-educated/US-based veterinary behaviourist and dog behaviour researcher. Style and contents The book […]

Author: Dodman Nicholas
Genre: case studies, historical interest, pop science, professional manual
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Minding your dog business

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2010 SUMMARY: Tips and tricks for making your dog business sustainable. AUDIENCE: Dog professionals like dog trainers, sitters, walkers and behaviourists who have had their dog business for a while and want to fix it to make it sustainable (financially, and workload-wise). REVIEW The authors Rikke Jorgensen is a communications expert and business […]

Author: Boutelle Veronica, Jorgensen Rikke
Genre: professional manual
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PUBLISHING YEAR: 2011 SUMMARY: Review of the scientific research into paranormal claims. AUDIENCE: Whilst not tackling dog-related topics specifically (bar one experiment on canine telepathy), this book will sharpen the critical thinking chops of the reader when it comes to paranormal claims. This can be useful to counter the many esoteric approaches to dog behaviour and […]

Author: Wiseman Richard
Genre: pop science
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Beware the straw man

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2014 SUMMARY: Entertaining summary of research studies on the behaviour of domestic dogs, giving the layman a great introduction to the basics of the scientific method. AUDIENCE: Non-academics, be they owners or trainers, will very much enjoy this book. It gives them the tools to evaluate claims about dog behaviour critically. In fact, this book is […]

Author: Case Linda P
Genre: pop science
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Elke pup een goede start (A good start for every pup)

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2015 SUMMARY: Richly illustrated week-by-week guide on raising a happy, well-behaved and orthopaedically healthy pup. AUDIENCE: This books is aimed at a layman’s audience v but, in my view, will great benefit professional dog trainers in charge of giving puppy classes. The authors Martine Burgers trained as a physiotherapist (for humans) then specialised in veterinary ostheopathy. Sam […]

Author: Burgers Martine, Turner Sam
Genre: owner manual
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Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs and Cats

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2009 SUMMARY: Illustrated manual of handling procedures for dogs and cats that promote calm and collaboration over struggle and panic. AUDIENCE: Mainly aimed at the veterinary clinic (technicians and vets), this book will also benefit behaviourists and shelter workers who routinely deal with aggressive dogs. The chapter on preventive behavioural health for puppies […]

Author: Yin Sophia
Genre: professional manual
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Dog Food Logic

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2014 SUMMARY: Review of the relevant scientific research and industry facts about dog food. AUDIENCE: This book is accessible to science-curious owners – you don’t need a degree in biochemistry to follow it. And it should be compulsory reading for any dog professional before they venture an opinion about owners’ food choices. Author Linda Case, […]

Author: Case Linda P
Genre: pop science
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