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Minding your dog business

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2010 SUMMARY: Tips and tricks for making your dog business sustainable. AUDIENCE: Dog professionals like dog trainers, sitters, walkers and behaviourists who have had their dog business for a while and want to fix it to make it sustainable (financially, and workload-wise). REVIEW The authors Rikke Jorgensen is a communications expert and business […]

Author: Boutelle Veronica, Jorgensen Rikke
Genre: professional manual
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* How to run a dog business

PUBLISHING YEAR: 2007 SUMMARY: An invaluable guide to running your own dog business: from operational to strategic advice. AUDIENCE: Definitely pick this one up it if you want to start your own dog business. REVIEW: It is jam-packed full of tips, lessons learnt and best practices. It offers you an exhaustive list of known risks and challenges, […]

Author: Boutelle Veronica
Genre: professional manual
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