Latest dog book review: Dogs don’t look both ways

Dog book review announcement: Jane Hanser’s “Dogs don’t look both ways”
By Laure-Anne Visele, April 2015



About the review’s author: certified dog trainer in The Hague


Canis bonus: Laure-Anne Visele

My name is Laure-Anne and I can help with your dog’s behaviour questions if you live in The Hague or region.

I am a dog behaviour therapist for Canis bonus, and Head Trainer at OhMyDog! dog training school.

I graduated in Zoology and certified as a dog training instructor. I also have a Postgraduate in applied animal behaviour (completed Magna cum laude).

In short, I am The Hague’s dog nerd. If you want dog-friendly and evidence-based tips, I am your girl.  If you live close to The Hague and have a question about your dog’s behaviour, tell me about the problem here.

Hanser_Both ways

Dogs don’t look both ways

“Dogs don’t look both ways” is the story of Joey, a chocolate Lab with a bad case of wanderlust. Joey tells his own tale in this dog-narrated book. The book was written for entertainment purposes mainly, and makes for a smooth read. It does not purport to have educational value, so don’t pick this one up hoping for the next Jean Donaldson’s Culture Clash.

Check the full review here.

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